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From small gatherings to large, casual or formal, no wedding, renewal of vows or commitment ceremony is the same. We are all built with our own unique traits that are brought out in our personalities, beliefs and are shown in the commitment that we exercise to the one we are about to promise our love to. All our ceremonies are personally created and developed to your own style and flair.  By gathering stories that you tell and the love and laughter in your hearts, and even the remembrance of passed or present mentors that have made an impact in your life, your own story is told.  This is called the first chapter of your life together or a tribute to our marriage we have lived.

Creating a personal and unique ceremony is the most rewarding gift a celebrant can give to the up and coming couple. It allows us to build everything you would like to say and feel that sometimes don’t get the chance to say. It allows you to honour, respect and thank the ones you love.

Your ceremony is a joyous and well-loved part of your wedding, renewal of vows or commitment ceremony.  Adore Ceremonies crosses the T’s and dots the I’s and leaves not one stone unturned when it comes to creating your special memory.

Baby Naming Ceremonies

Everyone loves babies, who doesn’t? With our baby naming ceremonies there is an abundance of fun, laughter, and love.  This is a great time to start or continue family traditions that can be passed down through generations.  I have an amazing array of ideas and rituals that are loveable and fun. With every baby naming you receive a personalised book of your ceremony as well as a framed certificate for you to keep as a momentum of this special day.  It is all up to you as to what style of ceremony you prefer, a more traditional, BBQ in the park, or family gathering at home. Formal or even just casual.  This is what makes your ceremony so unique and creative.  Baby naming ceremonies is a great way to bring families together and helps younger siblings with their interaction and introducing their younger now sibling to their family.

Types of Ceremonies

There are many types of ceremonies available

Civil Ceremony

A civil ceremony is when you legally marry. This is not a religious ceremony but you can add religious components into it.  When, where, how you structure your ceremony is all up to you as long as it is within Australian waters. This is the most common legal marriage performed.

Renewal of Vows

This is like a legal wedding only you are not legally getting married as you can only legally get married once to the same person whilst still married to them. It is a ceremony re-kindling those vows you promised to each other the first time you were married.  This ceremony is very popular on a significant anniversary date for example 25th anniversary. The renewal of vows won’t replace your original wedding certificate but will stand alongside your new commemorative certificate.

Commitment Ceremony

A commitment ceremony is a very unique and special ceremony.  It is performed when two people love each other dearly but for some unforeseen circumstance there might be a legal matter that is not allowing them to marry legally, yet they still want to commit themselves to each other on the spiritual level.  A commitment ceremony is also conducted by couples that might have a fear of marriage, this could occur when one party has had a terrible experience. They don’t want to lose the loved one they are with so they can still promise themselves to each other without the legal binding that marriage entails. At the end of the day each ceremony performed is engulfed in love, beauty and happiness and the meaning are felt throughout the guests. Love brings everyone together.

A Personalised & Fitting Farewell

Adore Ceremonies Funeral Services

Funerals & Memorial Services

There is no right time or wrong time to prepare for the loss of a loved one, there is only the moment.  In that moment we mourn, laugh, cry, reminisce, and celebrate a life that has left us.  In creating a beautiful honourable and respectful service we are acknowledging our loved one and their achievements in life and their personality and what they brought to our lives. For wakes and memorials most family members choose a special place that their loved one cherished. To have the service held there helps for family and friends to feel close to the lost loved one or mate.  Adore Ceremonies commit to the utmost of privacy and sensitivity when we create a unique ceremony for your beloved family member.

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